Sunday, December 27, 2009

Eva and "girl" - the little statue down the path

All has been merry and bright for us, but very busy! Now that I have a long break from school I am able to blog more. So here I am.

Christmas came and went and it was lovely. Our days were full of wonderful family and friends and we really enjoyed celebrating together. It was amazing to watch Eva's expressions as she passed by Santa at the mall, decorated our tree, opened gifts and hugged her grandparents, aunties, uncles and cousins. This time of year is all the more magical with our little one around.

Mr. & Mrs. Clause had a great time staying up late to assemble a little play kitchen for their mini chef-ette. The next morning she came down stairs and started the coffee straight away! She loves her kitchen and enjoys serving up "weeaally hot." pizza and hamburgers.
Another new toy she enjoys is "Tato head", the Mrs. Potato Head. It was not a perfect match to begin with, when Eva ripped open the wrapping paper she took one look at Mrs. Potatohead and said "NO!" with a frightened expression. Once she was out of the box, Eva warmed up to her and loves to try on her earrings and glasses.

Plans for my winter break include but are not limited to: finishing my application to the MSW program, enjoying lots of snuggle time with my hubby and baby girl, taking long walks and longer baths, spending time with good friends, starting Eva's scrap book and completing a few other crafts I have on my list. Mostly just looking forward to being home and relaxed for a little while...before spring semester starts!

Love to you and yours!

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  1. What a sweet post! I cant wait to see Eva's kitchen, but most of all Eva herself!