Thursday, May 28, 2009

Celebrating the life and the gift of Johnathan Robert

Heaven got a new little angel this morning.
A sweet baby boy was given his wings.

Rest in peace our baby Johnathan Robert.
We love you dearly and will miss you.

We know you are in a place without pain and suffering and feel
blessed for the time, smiles and laughter we shared with you.

We are praying each and everyday for you and continued strength for your parents

Monday, May 25, 2009

Gone Fishin'...

Sunday we spent a lovely day at Smith's Trout Farm, which is nestled among the forest, right outside of Calistoga, CA. I would post a link, but they do not have a website as the business is family owned and operated. In talking to the primary owner, Mr. Smith, I found out that he happily lives on the gorgeous property surrounding the trout farm, as does his children with their families.

This place truly is "away from it all" and so peaceful. We had the best time eating great food with fantastic company, oh yes, and catching trout too! In fact, I caught quite the looker picture to prove it, but trust me I got the prize for biggest fish of the day.

Some of these pictures are small, so I apologize for that..not sure what happened there!?

This one is of Eva finishing off a ewwy gooey chewy chocolate cookie. If you can't tell from this picture, this little one is pretty well covered in the gooeyness. After she snagged a cookie, she was so happy with it (and herself), I couldn't bring myself to take away her fun. You are only...16 months (this week!!) once, right?!!

Nice posing Evabug!

And as if this is not enough beauty, we stumble upon these two creatures:


Saturday, May 23, 2009

The Up-To-Date

Eva started parent/child swim lessons a few weeks ago.
This is the same class we were in last summer.
My baby girl is having more and more fun each time we go to the pool.

We are going to sign up for another class this month!

In other news... last Sunday was Eva's baptism.
It was so nice to have most of ourfamily in town to celebrate with us.
Here are just a few pictures:

Eva and Grandpa at Thai Pot..YUM!

Eva's Godparents, Kate and Gerald.

Eva with her Daddy outside of the church

Post-baptism, munchin' on a cracker.

Besides all of the above, I am done with my final and school (for the semester!), we are gearing up for our OC trip next weekend and headin' to the beach today and trout farm tomorrow.
More soon..


Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Another of my favorites:

why do I like this song so much?

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Everything but the kitchen sink...

Lots to update seeing in the past few days we have had Mother's Day and Eric's birthday.

Mother's Day was wonderful. We went to church and finalized all of the details for Eva's baptism.

Then, Eric said he wanted to take me to get my present. Next thing I know we're checking out of the Home Depot with 3 new plants and a some climbing roses. These roses were Eric's gift to me; "I wanted to get a beautiful rose plant just for you that would bloom all year around".

He not only planted everything in our little piece of earth outside of our front door, he dug up the clay soil and replaced it with planting soil.

He worked all afternoon,as Eva watched intently.
The finishing product, and a very sweet and thoughtful Mother's Day gift.

Moving on to Eric's birthday, which was yesterday. We celebrated on Saturday with dinner and drinks at 3rd Street Aleworks. It was great to have a group of great friends celebrating with us.
Yesterday being his REAL birthday, I brought him home a yummy cupcake from here. After work, I made a potato pancake pizza with a strawberry carrot salad.

Hash browned potatoes + asiago cheese + mushrooms + asparagus + even more cheese = deliciousness and a VERY happy and full birthday boy.

In the early afternoon, Eva and I went over to the Children's School at SSU. I had a meeting with the director as we are trying to get Eva enrolled in the fall. While we were waiting, Eva got to play:

Also yesterday, it became extremely quiet as I worked at my computer. I call her name,

"Eeevva???", not a peep, because...

she was working so hard to get up here:
So there ya go, a post that has it all.


Thursday, May 7, 2009

Bloggin' Away

I am starting this blog as a journal of adventures and everyday life and as a place to keep friends and family up to date on all the Constantine happenings. I hope to update at least once a week, so check back often.

Love to you all.