Saturday, May 23, 2009

The Up-To-Date

Eva started parent/child swim lessons a few weeks ago.
This is the same class we were in last summer.
My baby girl is having more and more fun each time we go to the pool.

We are going to sign up for another class this month!

In other news... last Sunday was Eva's baptism.
It was so nice to have most of ourfamily in town to celebrate with us.
Here are just a few pictures:

Eva and Grandpa at Thai Pot..YUM!

Eva's Godparents, Kate and Gerald.

Eva with her Daddy outside of the church

Post-baptism, munchin' on a cracker.

Besides all of the above, I am done with my final and school (for the semester!), we are gearing up for our OC trip next weekend and headin' to the beach today and trout farm tomorrow.
More soon..



  1. Love the swim pics and the one of Eva and Grandpa-too too cute!
    Hav fun this (long) weekend!

  2. yay..congrats to Eva! So perrrty!