Saturday, June 2, 2012

Wishes sent to God and Pixie Dust

Driving in the car with Eva provides many opportunities for fun discussions and "teachable moments": What's that? That's a vineyard, grapes grow on the vines, the farmer picks them...yaadadah yahdah ...then the wine is bottled and sent to store. Oh, then you buy it from the stores...a it. Other times long drives include creative songs from the mind of a 4 year old, "Mama, this song that I am going to sing is classical, it does not have words, but sometimes you can hum to it...hmmm bllmmm dummm".
Gotta love it, and I do.

Tonight a story unfolded. It started with a wish:
" Mama, I sent God a wish"
(in my mind I am thinking, oh it comes again, she's going to ask for a baby sister)
"Oh a wish, what was the wish?"
" I wished that God would bring great Grandma back...but wait, I know she is in heaven and cannot come back...soo....I wish that I can send her a card..and maybe tinkerbell could put pixie dust on it and send it to God to give to great Grandma."
(heart is melting at this point as I too miss my grandmother who passed over  a year ago...and wait, pixie dust?! Yep, that's my girl.)
"Ahh Eva, I know you miss her, I do too."
This wish launched us into reminiscing about who we both agreed was a beautiful person, loving, kind hearted and one that also loved to tell stories.

I feel blessed that my girl was able to spend time with my grandma  who is one of her name sakes (Dorothy Eva Gray). Eva brings her up quite often and I know she has fond memories of times spent with her.

I am finding more and more with motherhood, the things my pre-schooler brings up often surprise me, stop me dead in my tracks, leave me breathless and at times frustrated, but most of all-- our talks make me feel humble and remind me to not take anything for granted.

Who knows, in ten years she may be completely embarrassed by her mama. Right now, I'm her "bestest friend on all of the earth."


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