Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Recently We've...

1.) Tested out the life jacket to make sure it fits well for use at the lake

2.) Picked beautiful ripe Gravenstien Apples from a friends tree and realized when life gives you apples..the best thing to do is...

3.) Make applesauce

4.) Lots.

5.) Celebrated Eva's 1/2 birthday with a her first fudgesicle

6.) Spent hours at the park, running, picking flowers and trying really hard to jump

7.) Shared a ride with a friend.

8.) Showed Dad how to BBQ

Now we are off to see family and friends. First stop Bemidji MN for Cabin fun, the it is off to South Dakota where more fun awaits. Upon our return we will hit the ground running with school starting for both Eva and I. Pictures of the trip to come...

Here's a fun clip just because this post isn't picture heavy enough :)


  1. Too cute! And look at her hair-so blond!! Yes..I def see her working in the yard :) Cant wait! Love you!

  2. I love this post, great job!